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chankstore freefont

Dickens McQueen

by Kyle Fletcher

Call me Bing freakin' Crosby, cuz here I am with a holly jolly new free font for you. It's a Victorian Cowboy Christmas font called Dickens McQueen, named in honor of cowboy Steve McQueen and noted christmas caroler Charles Dickens. This ornate and sketchy new alphabet was filtered through whiskey-infused eggnog and crow's quill pen of design student Kyle Fletcher.

Kyle approached Chank Co looking for internship opportunities. His approach was a simple, direct email:

"Once in a while, we'll bring in an intern to connect us to the outside world."

21 year old GD senior student @ UW-Stout seeks startup in typography. Currently interning with Luis Fitch, would love to explore opportunities with font genius Chank Diesel.

His concise email also included a phone number and a link to his website, which was similarly concise, clean, simple and smart. It worked. We thought we'd give him a shot.

The assignment was to create a Chankstore Freefont for us to give away for Christmas. Something like those old 1800s English woodcuts illustrating the stories where trolls eat children and stuff. Fancy, ornate caps, almost pictorial. Kyle took the assignment, went to the library to do his research, took pen to paper and came back with what looks like a surprisingly cowboy-esque alphabet. Makes sense that it'd turned out like that, considering the golden age of cowboys was the same time as Victorian figgy-pudding Xmases. But I digress.

The bottom line is the font turned out great after a few revisions. The holly-enhancements are only on the uppercase; they can be hand-colored yourself using the PaintBucket or MagicWand tools in Photoshop. The lowercase is a concise cowboy font, small-cap size. All the letters have a hand-drawn sketchiness to 'em.

The punctuation was borrowed from Dry Cowboy, and a few accent characters were added. Now it's here for you to download, in OpenType format for Mac or PC.

Stick Dickens McQueen into your designs and spread the joy!

Download Dickens McQueen font - CLICK HERE!


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