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Chank Font: Nomadic Egyptian

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Nomadic Egyptian

NOMADIC EGYPTIAN and NOMADIC SKETCHBOOK are two new fonts created by the pencil of Kent Aldrich and the computer of Chank Diesel.

Kent is an artisan letterpress printer from St. Paul, MN and a self-described "hunter and gatherer of projects involving the arts of the book." Kent and his Nomadic Press create everything from invitations and stationery to hand-bound books and paper props, like origami or boxes. Though he works with metal type every day and has kept sketchbooks of letterforms for years, the is his first venture into the modern world of type.

As Chank worked to transform Kent's hand-drawn alphabet into a digital font, he discovered that the raw sketches created a font as interesting and useful as the clean version. Check out this Nomadic font display PDF to get a closer look at both fonts. Nomadic Sketchbook and Nomadic Egyptian are both sturdy, readable fonts, great for display graphics. With heavy square-ended slab serifs that are as thick as the main strokes, Kent's letterforms recall the Egyptian style that was used for headlines and advertising in the early 1800s. Thus, the name Nomadic Egyptian.

It's not surprising that Kent and his Nomadic Press would create type with antiquated influences. Three of four of Kent's presses were built in the 1800s. And his only computer a Macintosh Classic from the mid-'80s is now an antique. He can't send emails with it, but it still works for invoicing and word processing. "As long as a tool continues to serve its purpose, I'll continue to use it," Kent states emphatically.

Because of his archaic tendencies, we have no email address or web page to send you to. So if you like Kent's fonts, please send your words of praise to or drop him a hand-written note c/o Nomadic Press, 878 Stryker Ave, St Paul, MN 55107.

This font comes in cross-platform OpenType format for both Mac & Windows (plus old-fashioned PostScript for Mac users).

$49.00 Created by Kent Aldrich & Chank Diesel

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