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Wordy Diva fonts

Li'l Diva handwriting sample by Lilly B-K.Wordy Diva is a smart, fast handwriting style drawn by Lisa B-K in 1996 and fonted by Chank Diesel. Back then Lisa was working at an indie-rock record store in Chicago and rocking out whenever possible while contributing her rock-crit writing skills to zines across the nation. Chank was just starting his little font company. Over the years the Wordy Diva font has proved itself to be a popular and versatile typeface and today we're pleased to introduce its two new sequel fonts.

Wordier Diva, the diva's new sequel, is an updated version of Microchipped Chicken by Lilly B-K.Lisa's own handwriting style. It's just a bit quicker and maybe a bit wiser than the original. It's not any bolder, and it's not oblique, it's just a bit more experienced and confident. Lisa tells us she's "very happily working for the Man (in the City of Urbana's case, the Woman) running the big farmers' market here. Very happily married, very happily parenting, very happy indeed."

Her parenting skills are yielding happy returns, which are presented to you in the form of another great handwriting font: Li'l DivaWordier Diva handwriting sample. It was created by Lisa's daughter, Lilly who is just 9 years old. But you would never guess it from looking at her font. It's better than most grownups' handwriting. You wouldn't've know it was drawn by a kid unless someone told you. It's studied yet casual, crisp but lilting and sassy without being saucy. It's a simple, bright script that's clear and clean. Good job, Lilly!

Lilly plans on becoming a famous fantasy writer/basketball player someday, though she's already preternaturally good at both. Lisa is going to fix up her bicycle and put the pictures up on her blog.

Download this font package today and you get Wordier Diva, Li'l Diva and a newly updated version of the original Wordy Diva. All three are available in OpenType format for Mac or PC....

$69.00 Created by Chank Diesel & Lisa BK & Lilly BK

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